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Based on the success of his 2008 book of the same name, Duncan O'Brien has embarked on a three-year project to bring the Matson Line passenger era to life on film. He has converted hours of vintage, unreleased professionally shot color film of all six liners, and interviewed dozens of past and current crew members and passengers.

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"White Ships" by Kawika Alfiche is a musical tribute to the nostalgic era of white ships hapa haole music. The CD features a magical mix of Kawika's original compositions, plus his enchanting versions of Boat Day classics, including Aloha Oe and Now is the Hour and the rarely recorded Malolo. Order the CD on Amazon or iTunes

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Vintage film footage, interviews with passengers and crew, original Hawaiian music.

The White Ships will be the first-ever comprehensive documentary about one of the most important eras in the United States' colorful maritime history. The film will also include original Hawaiian music. It will be released on DVD and available for licensing. For more information, please email

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World War II veteran Michael O'Brien recalls his experiences as an 18-yr-old serving for the US forces aboard the troopship SS Lurline in 1943. O'Brien sailed from San Francisco to India with more than 7,000 troops aboard. The interview was recorded in Lahaina, Maui in 2011.
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Home movie footage aboard the SS Mariposa on one of the OBrien family trips to Australia. Shots of San Francisco, Bora Bora and Sydney. Rare footage of the mail being brought to the ship from Tin Can Island, plus a few shots of Pier 35 in San Francisco, Los Angeles harbor, Tahiti and New Zealand.

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